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Wasting Food, Droopy Waistbands

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kindness seems in short supply this week, but the well of pet peeves is bottomless, so we thought we'd share a few of them.

Have you paid attention to how our supermarkets deliberately waste food?

Daily they cull fruits with slight bruises and wilting vegetables. Not long ago, these were offered to customer at a reduced price on a separate rack. When I asked the produce manager what happened to this still-good food he said: "It all goes in the trash. As store policy dictates, for fear that someone might get sick eating it. Even employees are forbidden to take it home." What waste in this world of hungry people!

-- Rose Baker, Aroda

My pet peeve is the way that a local AM radio station insists on playing its theme music along with its weather and traffic reports. The music is sometimes so loud that it all but drowns out the announcements. There are many stations I can tune to for music, but when it comes to traffic and weather, I prefer mine straight -- without music.

-- Ted Hannah, Silver Spring

I don't think I'm alone in gnashing my teeth when I have to play back a telephone message numerous times in an effort to grasp what the caller had been saying. Please, people: When you leave a message, speak slowly, succinctly and repeat the phone number that you're leaving as a callback number. Mumbling doesn't help, and rushing through numbers doesn't cut it, either. Oh for the wasted minutes in trying to make out what it is that you said!

-- Beatrice Fitch, Bethesda

My pet peeve is heavy men who bend over and you can see far more than you want to. Don't these guys have wives or mothers that can watch them? They need to be watched, and dressed!

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