- Dada Entertainment Targets Impulse Buyers With Transactional Ad Banners

Dianne See Morrison
Wednesday, December 17, 2008; 3:59 AM

Dada Entertainment, the joint venture between Italian content provider Dada and record label Sony (NYSE: SNE) BMG, has launched what they're calling a "transactional" marketing campaign that allows consumers who click on their ads to purchase ringtones, tracks and other mobile content directly through banner ads. The ongoing campaign, with no end date as of yet, is running on music site, where the banners appear on the right-hand side of the page. When U.S.-based consumers click on the banners, they are prompted to enter in their mobile phone number. In return, they receive a PIN that they then enter into the banner to fulfill the order. The content is then downloaded to the user's phone, which can be transferred to other devices. The MOG site remains beneath the banner. Visitors to MOG from outside of the U.S. who click on the banners are taken to Dada Entertainment's online site to complete their transaction.

Dada Entertainment VP of marketing Antonella Stellaci told ClickZ that the campaign was targeting the "impulse-driven" segment of MOG's audience, who wanted transactions to be "quick and easy." Stellaci added that using a cellphone as the payment method helped cut down on the usual "lengthy process" of buying tracks online. "It's something that's a good fit for a widget-type of framework banner," she told ClickZ. It's certainly an interesting use of online content to help power mobile content sales. Plus, with users able to make purchases directly through the banner ads?which are being powered by British technology firm Tailgate Technologies--it gives Dada a very obvious way to measure the effectiveness of the ads.

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