Today's News - Toys for Tots in Need of Help

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bad Economy Means Fewer Toys for Poor

· A program run by the Marine Corps to give toys to needy children is facing one of its toughest years since it began more than 60 years ago, officials said.

The Toys for Tots program is receiving more requests for toys than ever from a number of major cities, including Miami, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

But, the officials said, donations are down because the U.S. economy is ailing and fewer families can donate toys or money to others.

Bill Grein, the vice president of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, said that 16.6 million toys and books were given out last year, but the group doesn't expect to match that amount this year.

In the Washington area, the Marines need toys for 82,000 children and must collect tens of thousands of toys to reach that goal, officials said.

If you would like to help a child in need during the holidays, talk about it with your family and then go to to find out how to help.

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