Super Art Fight: The Dukes Are Drawn

Comics artists will face off in drawing battles on Saturday at Baltimore's Ottobar.
Comics artists will face off in drawing battles on Saturday at Baltimore's Ottobar. (
Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's not surprising that when looking for a name for their live art competition, Nick Borkowicz, Jamie Noguchi and their comics-convention-attending pals settled on Super Art Fight. It denotes integrity. Honor. It says, loud and proud, "We play a lot of video games."

Super Art Fight, which will kick off its third edition Saturday night at Baltimore's Ottobar, pits indie comics artists against one another in head-to-head drawing battles. Topics are assigned by "the Wheel of Death," a fear-inspiring term for what is basically software that picks at random from fan submissions. Topics come through Super Art Fight's Web site and have ranged from "hearts versus skulls" to "a Wookiee battle."

"That's my favorite part of the show," says Marty Day, one of the emcees (many of the organizers, we must note, are comics artists themselves). "There's limitless possibilities for interpretations."

For Saturday's show, expect a "variety show" format, with bands including Avec performing between battles. Nine artists will draw over two rounds (the artists include Borkowicz and Michael Bracco, whose Novo Volume 1: The Birth of Novo was named best comic book by Baltimore City Paper); then the last two artists standing compete in an hour-long bout.

It's an all-ages show, "but don't bring your kids," says Borkowicz. "I may end up drawing a 'Star Wars' character, but what happens to him after that . . . may not be what George Lucas intended."

$10. Doors open at 8 p.m. Saturday. 2549 N. Howard St., Baltimore. 410-662-0069 or for details, visit

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