Letter -- North Korea's Concentration Camps

Friday, December 19, 2008

In the Dec. 15 editorial "Three Kernels of Corn," The Post condemned American inaction on North Korea's concentration camps. U.S. diplomats face challenge enough in trying to persuade Pyongyang to denuclearize so as to lower the risk of an Armageddon.

Having our diplomats add to their agenda the concentration camps, which are part of that ugly regime's control mechanisms, would be a fool's errand. Such a move would only heighten North Korea's paranoia that we are out to destroy it. Short of a war with several million casualties, those camps will not disappear. The editorial invoked President Franklin D. Roosevelt's failure to bomb the rail lines on which prisoners were moved to Adolf Hitler's camps. Does The Post propose an American war with North Korea? If not, it should get serious and recognize that while some evils can be cured with diplomacy, others cannot be stopped except at great cost in American lives.



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