Sunday, December 21, 2008

The shingle is out. Come in, have a seat and show me your Medicare card.

Sammy Baugh was not just a great quarterback. He was a great all-around football player and one of my boyhood heroes. Among my favorite memories is sitting in the bleachers at Griffith Stadium and watching him throw six touchdown passes against the Chicago Cardinals in 1947.

Bob Hudson, Silver Spring

Now, that's a memory to cherish.

* * *

Sammy Baugh was my all-time boyhood hero. In my imagination, to this day, I often see him in long conversations with the great Shirley Povich of The Washington Post.

Bob Moss, Silver Spring

I couldn't think of two better people to visualize.

* * *

I have been a Redskins fan since their move to Washington in 1937. I have hung there for all those years, but last Sunday's loss to Cincinnati did it for me. I refuse to listen to the same old excuses by the players and coaches after another inept performance against an inferior team. And I don't have enough years left until the Redskins might come up with a decent team. So I have decided to pick a team that knows how to win and sit back and enjoy my remaining NFL years. Having made this decision, I suddenly feel free from my obsessive worrying about whether, or how, the Redskins can lose their next one.

H.O. Allen, Middleburg

Being a fan means, in your words, "obsessive worrying about whether, or how" your favorite team wins or loses. I'm not going to permit you to drop the Redskins after 71 years and adopt some bogus team, such as the Tennessee Titans, just for instant gratification. You can call me on my secure phone line if you get these feelings again and we'll get through this together.

* * *

I am 68 years old. Lived half my life in New York. But for many years I have been a devoted Redskin fan. Went to Super Bowls. Have tickets. Go to games with my son, a more devoted fan than me. Watch my 4 1/2 -year-old grandson wear a Redskin uniform. Frankly I am now disgusted. Please help me spend my "golden years" in less misery.

Barry H. Epstein, Silver Spring

Hey, Barry, who says the "Golden Years" should be misery-free?

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