As Losses Pile Up, Confidence Dwindles

By Ivan Carter
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, December 26, 2008

CLEVELAND, Dec. 25 -- The losing is clearly taking a toll on the Wizards, who entered Thursday's matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a seven-game losing streak.

Already off to the worst start in franchise history (4-22) entering Thursday's game, the Wizards are the only team in the Eastern Conference without at least 10 wins.

"It would be a big confidence booster," interim coach Ed Tapscott said before the game when asked what a win against Cleveland would do for his team's psyche. "You know that you're working on a lot of things. We have a bunch of young guys with a lot of veteran guys and right now, two of my starters are under 23 years of age. So we need to know that we're making progress, and a win like that would be progress."

It's Good to Be the King

The Wizards were supposed to wear their regular road blue uniforms but instead wore their home whites after the Cavaliers elected to wear their alternate blues. Why? So Cavaliers star LeBron James could wear a uniform to match his special-edition Nike sneakers.

To get the Wizards' whites to Cleveland in time, the Cavaliers sent an employee to Washington on Thursday morning. James, meantime, took a mini-shot at the Wizards before the game.

Asked if he had any hard feelings over the physical way the Wizards played him in the playoffs last season, James said: "They tried to take me mentally out of the game in the series and tried and tried and it never worked. Bad plan, I guess."

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