Chat Plus: Must-See Spots in Valencia, Spain

Sunday, December 28, 2008

During our online chat (most Mondays at 2 p.m.), you ask and we answer your travel questions -- mostly. Here's one we couldn't get to last week.

We're spending two nights in Valencia as part of a trip to Spain. Do you have any suggestions on not-to-miss spots?

Most people visiting Valencia expect orange groves and Mediterranean charm, but that's not really the vibe there. Spain's third-largest city has more of an industrial feel, and two days might be more time than you'll want to spend.

Still, there's plenty to see, including the legendary Holy Grail. Yes, the city's massive cathedral, which dates to 1262, claims ownership of the chalice Jesus is said to have used at the Last Supper. Also check out the City of Arts and Sciences, a sort of permanent world's fair with four dramatic buildings designed by award-winning architect Santiago Calatrava. Its aquarium is billed as the largest in Europe. If you like art, there are lots of museums to explore. Don't miss the Museo de Bellas Artes, whose collection spans centuries, and the Museo Nacional de Ceramica, with one of the best collections of ceramics in Spain.

-- K.C.S.

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