Letter -- The Fabulous Eartha Kitt

Monday, December 29, 2008

Regarding the Dec. 26 obituary "Bewitching Entertainer Eartha Kitt, 81":

I was an usher at the Kennedy Center Opera House when a show called "Timbuktu" had its pre-Broadway tryout in 1978. It was Eartha Kitt's big comeback. Several of us on the ushering staff got to know Eartha, and one Saturday night after the curtain came down, we took her to a bar called the Barn on Ninth Street; on the second floor of the Barn there was a drag show every Saturday night, and those of us who went there regularly knew that one of the drag performers did a fabulous "Eartha Kitt."

So, in we walked with the Eartha Kitt. Eartha took one look at the act and got right up on stage, from which the audience was treated to a terrific impromptu show of the real Eartha alongside the drag Eartha (who, I'm sure, thought he had died and gone to heaven). I have many great memories of my eight years as a Kennedy Center usher -- but that one ranks among the highlights.

She was quite a dame!



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