To Play on Christmas

Monday, December 29, 2008

Caron Butler and the Wizards spent their holiday week traveling from Charlotte, where they suffered a rough loss to the Bobcats on Tuesday night, to Cleveland, where they put up a fight before falling to LeBron James and the Cavaliers. It wasn't the ideal way to spend the holiday, but Butler took an optimistic approach.

It's strange because for us, it's really just like any other road trip. You have a game, then practice the next day and then another game but it happens to be a game on national television against a very good team so, it really doesn't feel all that different. . . .

I have a bunch of folks in town and we'll catch up on the weekend. It'll still feel like Christmas but just a day or two later. It's not ideal but it's our job and this is what we do." . . .

It's [a game against] LeBron James and the Cavaliers and people are going to be watching so, it's an opportunity to show some pride and put on a show for all of those people out there watching.

-- Interview by Ivan Carter

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