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John Feinstein: Another Year of Mediocrity

The Washington Post's Jason Reid looks back at the 2008 season following the Redskins' disappointing 27-24 loss in San Francisco. Video by

If he wants to keep Cerrato around because he's his pal, that's fine -- give him a title and tell him to show up for all his radio gigs. He needs to hire a real general manager: Bill Parcells may be available and he's just the kind of splashy hire Snyder loves. The problem is the first time Snyder disagrees with Parcells, he might be looking for his next GM because Parcells not only insists on absolute power he brooks no questioning of his authority.

The case can be made that Phil Savage was a disaster in Cleveland but the case can also be made that he got the Browns to 10-6 a year ago because he's one of the smarter personnel guys in the game and he's probably learned from the mistakes made the last four years. Eric DeCosta, the Ravens' director of scouting, is one of football's really bright young minds but Snyder's ego would never allow him to hire someone from the Steve Bisciotti/Ozzie Newsome-run franchise. It's worth noting that it was DeCosta who scouted Flacco and talked Newsome into using the 18th pick in the draft on a quarterback from Delaware.

There are others out there. What's more, a new GM would bring (and should bring) a brand new stable of scouts with him. The point is this: Zorn is not the Redskins problem. Neither is Campbell -- who had only six interceptions all season. Clinton Portis rushed for almost 1,500 yards and Santana Moss caught passes from more than 1,000 yards.

The problem is that there's no depth on the 45 man roster. The team has plenty of stars but not nearly enough solid pros who don't get paid millions but help teams win football games. Bill Belichick lost the best quarterback in football in the first quarter of the first game of the season; lost his top two running backs and his best defensive back and went 11-5, mostly with guys (other than Randy Moss and his aging linebackers) few people who are not Patriot-geeks have heard of even today at season's end.

That's because he and Scott Pioli know what they're doing. The Redskins owner and personnel director don't know what they're doing. That's why, with all the money spent in ten years all it has bought is consistent mediocrity.

Sadly, the owner can't be fired. The guys he has hired who have failed miserably can be fired.

None of them is named Jim Zorn.

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