New Schools Open With a History Lesson

(By Dayna Smith For The Washington Post)
Thursday, January 1, 2009

Prince William County opened two new public elementary schools this school year.

Fannie W. Fitzgerald Elementary School is like a temple to all things Fitzgerald. It is named for an African American teacher, shown getting a kiss from husband Rodger at the school's opening ceremony in August, who helped integrate the county school system in the 1960s. The Dale City campus sits on Benita Fitzgerald Drive, named for daughter Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, a Prince William high school track legend who won an Olympic gold medal in 1984.

On Aug. 21, the school system cut the ribbon to open Samuel L. Gravely Jr. Elementary School on Waverly Farm Drive in Haymarket. It's named for Gravely, who was the nation's first African American to become a vice admiral, one of the Navy's highest-ranking positions.

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