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PAGE THREE The MetropoList

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We embrace the new year with more memories of places from years past that have disappeared from the local landscape.

The Neptune Room

On 13th Street between E and F NW, this was one of our favorite haunts starting in high school and into marriage. We celebrated our 21st birthdays there. We went there after the Capitol or Warner theater for a late-night snack. Sorority sisters went there for dinner many times. I never pass this spot that I don't think of all the good times spent there.

-- Bettie Jones, Silver Spring

They had a roving dessert cart that made us kids sit up and finish our dinner with no complaints.

-- Kim S. Uttenweiler, Alexandria

On a summer afternoon in the mid-1950s, when I was 8 years old, my teenage sister Judy had taken me to the Mall to do some sightseeing. On the way to have a hot dog lunch from a vendor, Judy found a $20 bill on the sidewalk, and she decided we would have the chance to go someplace special for lunch. We made our way to the Neptune Room. I remember going downstairs to find an underwater decor, quite the fanciest place I'd ever had lunch. I don't recall my meal, however. Much to my surprise, the waitress offered me a whole tray of desserts. . . . Wow, I thought, this $20 let us have such a big treat.

Judy had to tell me that they were not all mine -- just a selection to choose from. I remember selecting a chocolate ├ęclair.

-- Jane Ager Purcell, Riverdale

The entrance was on the corner, and you went down three or four steps to the art deco club. The decor was nautical, with lots of neon lights. There was a stage for a band and a small dance floor. In the early years of World War II, it was a favorite place to go when GIs came to town on weekends.

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