Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some Good Numbers

There's good news in's new job forecast for those who want flexible work arrangements or short-term assignments -- or a little bump in pay.

More than a quarter of employers who participated expect to hire contract or freelance staff this year. That's down only slightly from last year's hiring outlook. Government, information technology, health care and business services are the sectors most likely to add to their contract workforces in the months ahead, CareerBuilder reports. Sales, transportation and utility employers also expect strong contract hiring.

The outlook for full-time staff additions is less robust, with 14 percent of employers expecting to hire this year, less than half the level of a year ago. The research is based on a Harris Interactive survey of 3,259 hiring managers and human resource directors in November, and a similar survey a year earlier.

Nearly one-third of employers expect to expand flexible work arrangements. Almost half of the employers expect to offer more telecommuting or compressed work-week options. Two-thirds expect to raise salaries for current staff and one-third will offer bigger bucks to recruit new workers.

-- Vickie Elmer

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