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Thursday, January 8, 2009

We love just about any reason to celebrate. So we popped over to Pilgrim, the Danish jewelry company that's mega-popular in Europe, to mark the Georgetown store's first anniversary.

The clean lines of Scandinavian design are abundant in Pilgrim's collection, a good chunk of which is made up of long, loose necklaces perfect for layering, and earrings so tall they skim the shoulders. The company's signature items -- think nature-inspired bangles and slinky boho charm necklaces -- incorporate traditional materials like glass, pearls or semiprecious stones into oh-so-'09 stylish new trinkets.

The Sprawling Nature cuff bracelet looks like a delicate tree branch has weaved its way around your wrist, while the icy silver version of the matching necklace -- complete with Swarovski crystals -- calls to mind the white birch trees that stand guard in the Danish countryside in wintertime.

Unlike the Pilgrims of U.S. history with their clunky shoe buckles, the Danish Pilgrim can be decidedly mod. Some of the jewelry, like the Bright Eye earrings, come in bright purple and turquoise, and are cut with playful cat-eye shapes.

Refreshingly, none of the jewelry in the shop will set you back more than $100, and the stock is marked down 50 percent through the end of January -- another reason to celebrate.

-- Ariel Alexovich

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