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Friday, January 9, 2009; 3:36 PM

ILLINOIS GOVERNOR ROD BLAGOJEVICH (D): Thank you for being here. I won't be that long.

Let me say, to begin with, that the house's action today was, of course, not a surprise. It was a foregone conclusion.

In fact, what the House did today, they've been talking about doing for the last couple of years. In fact, the first discussion of doing what they did today, they started talking about back in the summer of 2007, when they failed to pass a budget and we were facing a government shutdown and I was calling the House into special session to try to work to get a budget so we can keep government operating.

So this is not something that came as a complete surprise to me. It happened kind of fast. But, again, kind of expected, and part of the process that has essentially been the dynamic in Illinois since I was reelected governor in November of 2006.

From the very moment of my reelection, I've been engaged in a struggle with the House to try to get things done for people. I've worked very hard, and continue to keep pushing and prodding the House to pass a capital construction program, a public works program, a jobs program, one that would create anywhere from 500,000 to 750,000 jobs. The House has stood in the way of letting that happen.

From the moment I was reelected governor, I wanted to build on the historic progress we made in Illinois by giving all of our kids access to health care, and giving more adults access to health care than any other state in America, by providing more health care to those remaining who couldn't afford to see the doctor.

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