Responsibility for the Fighting in Gaza

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm not sure which is worse, Anne Applebaum's cynicism about European leaders' efforts to establish a cease-fire to end the Israeli assault on Gaza or her faux-naivete that the U.S. government is powerless to stop the carnage ["It's a War Process," Jan. 6, op-ed].

Why Ms. Applebaum thinks the efforts of Europeans are "most clearly designed to serve the interests of the diplomats" is beyond me, and she offered no evidence to support this view. Perhaps she can't imagine that these leaders are actually moved by the humanitarian calamity in Gaza. I'm heartened to see these initiatives, but Ms. Applebaum may have forgotten how leaders are supposed to behave after eight years of the Bush administration.

On the other hand, surely Ms. Applebaum must know that Israel is the largest recipient, at over $3 billion a year, of U.S. economic and military aid. Just because the Bush administration and Congress choose to give unqualified support to Israel, no matter its actions, does not mean the U.S. government or Americans are absolved of responsibility for what is done by Israel with our tax dollars.


Executive Director

Peace Action

Silver Spring

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