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D.C. Vote on Obama's Agenda, but Low

President-elect Barack Obama visited the Washington Post offices Thursday for an interview ahead of his inauguration Tuesday.

"I love the memorial at night," Obama began. "It was all lit up. We first looked at the Gettysburg Address, and Michelle was explaining to Malia and Sasha what Lincoln meant -- the fact that given that all these soldiers had given up their lives, they'd consecrated this ground, that any words we would say would be empty and the only way we could honor them was actually to make this a more just and equal country.

"At which point, my 10-year-old, Malia, turns to me and says, 'Yeah, how are we doing on that?' " Obama said.

He said he then walked the girls over to the other side of the Lincoln Memorial, where the 16th president's celebrated Civil War-era second inaugural address is etched. Obama said his younger daughter, 7-year-old Sasha, asked whether he would be giving a similar speech.

"And I said, 'Well, actually, that's a short version, but yeah, I will,' " Obama recalled. "And then Malia says, 'First African American president -- it better be good.'

"So I just want you to know the pressures I'm under here from my children."

Staff writers David Nakamura and Elissa Silverman contributed to this report.

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