Digital TV: Still Some Bugs to Clear Up

Sunday, January 18, 2009

As the deadline draws near for the switch to digital TV, there have been many stories about people not having converter boxes for their TVs if they use an antenna to receive the signal ["Obama Urges Delay in Digital TV Switch; Converter Program Out of Funding," Business, Jan. 9].

Yet I haven't seen any mention of the problems with receiving these new signals.

We live in a rural area outside Washington and receive our signal from an antenna equipped with a power booster. Quite a few stations are already broadcasting digital signals. The picture quality on the HDTV set we bought last year is great as long as the weather is good, but as soon as wind, rain and snow show up, our picture can do many things, including disappear altogether. Many times it breaks up into little pixels and the picture freezes. Sound quality is also about half as good as our analog set provides. Volume has to be set at maximum to produce normal sound. When will these problems be remedied?



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