Top-Level Ignorance 2.0

Monday, January 26, 2009

As a computer security expert, I found the article about the White House being in the "Technological Dark Ages" misleading [front page, Jan. 22].

It came off as an attack against former president George W. Bush when the bigger concern should have been the Obama administration's ignorance of security best practices. Just because a Web 2.0 application (such as Facebook) may be fun and useful for home operations does not mean it should be used in a federal environment as important as the White House. Next time The Post wishes to report on the technology that President Obama is using at the White House, have a technical person such as staff writer Brian Krebs write or review the article before it is published.

For example, if government employees sent work-related information over Gmail, they would be clearly violating their departments' end user agreements and probably would be punished for security violations. Another example is the complaint about the lack of Mac compatibility, which is due to both industry standards and recommendations by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.



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