Press Secretary Robert Gibbs at White House Press Briefing

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Monday, January 26, 2009; 5:37 PM


[*] GIBBS: Good afternoon, guys. How are you?


GIBBS: Good. Let me just get organized here and bring you up to date on a couple of announcements, the first of which, our apologies if you've e-mailed any of us in the last two and a half hours. Our e-mail system is not working so well. So our apologies on that, and we'll endeavor to get you information from earlier in the day, hopefully in a little bit more of a timely manner, if we can get the e-mail to work.

A couple of quick things before I take your questions.

The president made a series of phone calls to foreign leaders today, which we'll have a readout on in just a little bit. He talked with Chancellor Merkel of Germany, President Medvedev of Russia and President Sarkozy of France.

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