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Republicans Gather for National Meeting

"We need to get reacquainted with who we are."

It's all so darn confusing, this identity stuff.

Even the Purple guys want to parse as they unveil their new thing. They're all about providing bipartisan advice to associations and corporations, managing partner Bruce Haynes says. But it's more complicated than that for him, Castellanos and their Democratic partners.

"Alex and I are still going to be wearing our Republican hats," Haynes explains. "It's in our DNA. We're just intertwining our DNA with theirs for this specific purpose."


In the hallway at the RNC meeting, when someone asks Kaufman who he is, he doesn't say "Republican committeeman," "savvy Washington insider" or even "Ayn Rand booster." He opts instead for an extreme identity makeover.

He says, "Brad Pitt."

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