D.C. In the Snow: Safety Smart, or a Bunch of Wimps?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The president of the United States questioned my school's decision to close Wednesday because of the snow [Metro, Jan. 29]. Do you think I am ever going to have a snow day again?



The writer is an eighth-grader at Sidwell Friends School.


Two lingering wars, economic meltdown, a governor's impeachment trial in Illinois, yada, yada, yada. So many important things about which to opine, and The Post uses valuable space to chide the president for lighthearted remarks about the lack of hardiness reflected in officials' closing schools after a minor snow and ice storm ["That Was Cold," editorial, Jan. 29].

Our family moved to Washington 21 years ago from a Rocky Mountain state, and we noted the quickness with which the local schools closed with just the forecast -- let alone evidence -- of a snowstorm. But in the years since, we have come to appreciate the problems caused by inexperienced drivers and slick, icy roads, and so we now accept the local policies related to winter storms.

Maybe The Post could cut the president some slack for his comment, which was certainly intended as levity rather than disdain.


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