Ridership Up, So Cut Service? Makes No Sense.

By Dr. Gridlock
Sunday, February 1, 2009

Many people wanted to comment about Metro's plan to include big service cuts in its budget-balancing techniques. [Commuter page, Jan. 25] The transit authority has asked local governments to recommend such cuts for the budget that takes effect July 1.

Here's a selection of letters that reflects top public concerns.

Increase Revenue

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

Here's a novel idea to increase revenues: Advertise. Yes, a few have been added, but we are not at the point where there are too many or it's too sloppy. Look at the London Tube, all the way down the escalator are pithy ads for London shows, and large posters inside the tunnels.

When Metro has tapped out that resource, then maybe it will finally be profitable, and stop needing rate hikes.

-- Joy Downey Arlington

It's a good idea. Transit authority staffers have many ideas for increasing advertising and sales revenue, but progress has been very slow. Gains here probably wouldn't come fast enough, or be large enough, to significantly affect the budget year starting July 1, though every bit would help.

Still, it would not only increase revenue but also make the ride more lively. Those tunnel ads on the Red Line help break up a commute.

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