Norman Chad: The Clock Runs Out On Destiny

By Norman Chad
Monday, February 2, 2009

On this day of destiny, the Team of Destiny had a date with destiny. Alas, the Pittsburgh Steelers spit in destiny's face and chewed up destiny's darlings. So, my Arizona Cardinals are simply destined for a 61st straight non-championship offseason.

As always, I took notes on Super Bowl Sunday.

1:01 p.m. EST: NBC's Bob Costas is aboard the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium, fulfilling the last of his career goals.

1:06: Andrea Kremer reports that the Steelers' "team meal started a few minutes ago." Guard Chris Kemoeatu is still eating.

1:11: We learn that swimmer Michael Phelps smoked marijuana in South Carolina. How stupid -- who goes to South Carolina for weed? You get the good stuff in Brooklyn, baby!

2:32: Returning from a Cheetos break, I hear Costas literally say, "Meanwhile, back on Earth . . . " I assume I missed a Kurt Warner feature.

3:06: The magic of television: NBC makes Rodney Harrison appear almost likable.

3:55: Costas warns us that the next Winter Olympics begin (on NBC) in 376 days. I'll be bowling that night.

4:06: Frankly, every time I see Keith Olbermann, I still expect a Monica Lewinsky update.

4:08: Bill Belichick, in the film room, analyzes both teams. I'm not sure where he got the tapes.

4:33: PB&J + PBR = T.G.I. Sunday!

5:11: I don't think President Obama tucks his kids in at night, as he told Matt Lauer; I think he watches the NBA on TNT.

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