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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The demise of Domino magazine last week after 28 issues and nearly four years in print has sent many design bloggers into deep despair. Here's a sampling of comments we found:

"Finding out that this tragically depressing economy has taken our beloved Domino as [its] latest victim makes me sad. Really sad. I even shed an actual tear for this publication."

-- From Elements of Style


"To so many people, [Domino] was much more than just a magazine. It was a resource that rekindled an interest, excitement and passion for interior design. It challenged the way people looked at current design trends, products and publications, and brought together a community of like-minded design-lovers from literally all around the globe. Best of all? It was delivered to the reader with a lack of pretension found in so many existing design publications."

-- From MA Belle (

"Yes, it's true," was the headline at Urban Grace Interiors (, and under an image of a Domino cover, one word: "Gone."

"No more jumping up and down on the bed every time I receive a new glossy cover in my mailbox? (Ok, so the February issue was a bit disappointing . . . but still!)."

-- From Coco + Kelley (

Liz Seymour

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