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Sunday, February 15, 2009

7:30 p.m., Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, Capitol Hill

Theresa: I'm a single mom. The night of the date, my two sons were teasing me, telling me the guy was probably going to be horrible. You know kids. [At the restaurant, the hostess] showed me to my seat. I wanted a glass of wine, but maybe Bryan didn't drink. I didn't want to be judged, so I settled with water. Then he showed up. He was handsome. I liked him right away.

Bryan: I had some top-of-the-line clothing on me: Nudie jeans -- they're from Sweden, just short of $600 -- a Gucci shirt, Gucci boots -- roughly $1,000. I was looking good. As far as physical attraction to Theresa, it'd be maybe a 2 [out of 5], to be honest. [The women I date] are more stylish and, to sum it up, medium-size, thin.

Theresa: I was dressed business casual, just a nice outfit purchased at Macy's. Bryan was casual. I liked the fact he didn't get dressed up. We discovered that we'd both been in the Army, both in Germany. He'd worked for the government for 30 years; now he's trying to get his fashion business started. I really admire that. You know when people talk to you, sometimes they don't use eye contact? Bryan gave me his full attention. We meshed from the very beginning.

Bryan: I'm not a big eater; that's why I ordered the salad. I do have to maintain a size. I did some modeling for Hugo Boss back in the late '80s, in Germany. Well, I think it was Hugo Boss company checks. I can't recall.

Theresa: I asked for his card, and he said, "Unfortunately, I forgot [them]." For a business person not to carry cards ... But he promised to get in touch. I did share some [calamari] with him. I was like, "All you have to do is ask," and handed him the fork. A lot of people would think I was flirting, but I was just being myself. We also shared a piece of carrot cake. It was delicious.

Bryan: I just had a forkful of icing. She ate 98 percent. [As for the cards,] I don't give them out to everyone.

Theresa: It was about 9:30 when we left the restaurant. Bryan told me he'd walk with me over to the Metro. We discussed again that he'd call. I took his arm, actually. It was a very memorable part of the date.

Bryan: We were walking close together, and I guided her across the street. But I don't recall walking arm in arm. That's strange she'd say [that].

Theresa: He didn't just walk me to the Metro; he actually rode with me all the way to Metro Center, [three stops] out of his way. We ran out of things to say at one point, but I was enjoying his company.

Bryan: I'm very courteous with females. If you don't know where you're going and I have time, I'll take you. And I didn't want to give the impression that I was just trying to get away.

Theresa: I was sad when the date was over. We did a good hug. When I got home, my kids were waiting up for me. They were really happy things went well. I'd give Bryan a 5 [out of 5]. The date was a 4.

Bryan: I'd give Date Lab a 5. I enjoyed the conversation. I'll probably give Theresa a courtesy call. But I'm not sure.

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UPDATE: Weeks later, Theresa had wiped the fairy dust from her eyes. "He hasn't called me, so I guess he's not interested." Hearing Bryan's take "put everything into perspective."

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