Events Mark Lincoln's 200th Birthday

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Many Ways to Mark Abe's 200th Birthday

New Lincoln stamps. An exhibit that includes the Lincoln Bible that Barack Obama used to take the presidential oath. An online teach-in with Lincoln experts.

Those are all special events taking place to honor Abraham Lincoln on his 200th birthday, which is Thursday. Here are details:

· The U.S. Postal Service yesterday began selling four new stamps depicting stages of Lincoln's life.

They show him splitting rails when he was young, and working as a lawyer, as a politician and as president.

· On Thursday, a 45-minute live, online teach-in will take place at the National Archives.

The event is aimed at middle and high school students -- and already 4,000 schools nationwide are participating, including more than 230 in the Washington region.

Teachers can go to to register in advance, then log in at 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Three Lincoln experts, including author Doris Kearns Goodwin, will discuss Lincoln and take questions from the audience.

· The Library of Congress on Thursday opens an exhibit called "With Malice Toward None" that will trace Lincoln's life and display rarely seen treasures.

It will also include letters, photographs and political cartoons, as well as Lincoln's grammar book, his family Bible and originals of both of his presidential inaugural addresses.

· The Newseum is opening an exhibit on Saturday called "Manhunt: Chasing Lincoln's Killer."

It reveals how Lincoln's death and the hunt for his killer changed the way news was reported. This holiday weekend, up to three kids can get free admission to the Newseum with one adult ticket.

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