Your Love: In Six Words

(Illustration by Marty Barrick)
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We called for six-word love stories, and you answered in droves. More than 300 exclamations and lamentations of love arrived just in time for Valentine's Day. Read on, and contribute your own in the Comments box at right.

Craigs List. True love. Who knew?

Why did I stay for decades?

Submit to passion, never go back.

Lover breaks mold, none can compare.

Mid-life brings love without fear.

Past gone, future unknown, present bliss.

Never too late to find love.

Early morning love, thanks, Lou Rawls.

Marriage over. Finding myself! Love awaits?

Relax, let love enter your heart.

He ignites passion never known before.

Blue eyes see into my soul.

Serendipity, luck, karma, brought us together.

Spooning, warm breath on my neck.

Much better than last Valentine's Day.

I love her forever, for naught

"Ding Dong! Here we go again."

Romania, swoon; Austria, love; DC, heartbreak.

You were never that cute anyways.

"Still waiting for honeymoon to end"

"Marriage is a neverending slumber party"

My lover doesn't live here.

"Money didn't impress. Want you broke."

No husband. No children. No regrets.

Long distance love. Never taken seriously.

Married twice. Same over. Wonderful kids.

Fell in love. Fell out. Ouch.

Sleeping together, no euphemism, deep, restful.

He cooks, loves wine, lucky me.

He is more than I expected.

One after another. Who's next? Me!

Honey, Love The One You're With...

"Love yourself first. Others will follow!"

Face in fantasies isn't my husband's.

Yes, sweetie, forever is long enough.

In love still happy twenty years

Recently orphaned, recently rich, accepting applications.

Thirty years. Two kids. Still smitten.

Her husband died. Now screwing mine.

He gets me like no one else

Many men. Lone love. Still seeking.

My Dad always send me flowers.

"And people wonder why I drink!"

My boyfriend's wife phoned my husband.

A sanguine septuagenarian, happy at last.

One Ceremony. Twenty-five Anniversaries. True Commitment.

" Love changes life; life changes love"

I love him. He's oblivious. AUGH!

Breakup scary. Freedom disconcerting. Dating exciting.

Wanted: Mr. Right. Finding: Mr. Left

Looking for a soulmate, finding myself.

Erectile dysfunction; les miserables; goodbye Charlie

Breast Cancer diagnosis. Then he left.

My true love, solitariness, requires her.

My insanity, her sanity, our alchemy.

I always run. No one left.

Marriage snuffed out passion. Singlehood: reawakened.

"that was more frantic than tantric"

a lovely kiss, a secret touch

Which first? love? marriage? baby carriage?

Blind Date. Soulmates. Married 65 years.

Ban torture now; match dot com

Little boy. Little toy. No joy.

Shy soulmates. Final semester. Last chance.

Hope. Disappointment. Hope. Disappointment. Stupid me.

Two husbands. Two children. Then alone.

Learning that love comes from within.

A spark. A romance. A life.

Passionless for years. Ecstatic it's over.

"Broken heart doesn't mean broken girl."

"Perhaps too socially lubricated by whiskey."

Up against the wall?? Faked! Ha!"

You're Alaska's most wasted resource. Shame."

Best hook-up turned true love ever!

"Sometimes, dubiously in love. Always loves."

Better second time around - NOT!

He lied. I denied. Shattered lives.

candy. chocolate. flowers. trite love everywhere.

Taking risks. Painfully curious Incest sucks

I think I love you. Fear.

She came, I loved, he conquered.

He left, she wrote, I discarded.

I. Hate. Valentine's. Day. So. Stupid.

Dumped. Life shattered. Square one.

He likes me. He loves her.

We said no attachments. I lied.

My parents worry I'll never marry.

Found soul - in wounds you carry.

Age 47: learned love from lust.

Sushi. Coffee. Tangysweet. Single Dupont.

My dates are my books.

Yup. I'm in love. With who?

No hesitation. No limit. No doubt.

Horoscope: You will find love. YES!

New love found: protected heart revealed

Life, Love, Food, Wine, ALL FINE!

All my biggest mistakes were women.

Champagne and strawberries for one.

At least I got the dog.

Married. No Kids. One Dog. Bliss.

Hate Wedding Planning. Want to Elope.

No Tools Required: Heartbreak finally repaired.

I'm yours. You're mine. So what?

True love appears when least expected.

She may change, he probably won't.

Kissed in 2008; Married in 2009!

His most romantic words:"I'll cook!"

30th Reunion Northwestern HS 1979

Love: it can happen, but rarely.

many miles away and still trying.

Irrational, inconvenient, irresistible all-consuming love.

narcissist love: you'll always be miserable

Wow! It IS all about you!

Wife wants "negative two" kids? Run.

A wedding? No way! Prop 8.

Germanic, Adonic, hedonic Ivy-league prof. uberdisaster.

"You're so lucky." It's not luck.

Secret history. no mystery. between two

He promised he would never run...

You even make fixing toilets fun.

She was experienced unlike yours truly.

Forgotten, but not gone.

I'm no longer desperate..completely satisfied

It just keeps going and going.

After all that, there he was.

Giving you all that I am...

Childhood Sweethearts, Best Friends, Lovers, Soulmates.

Neil Strauss should be required reading.

Some things are colder than winter.

Lifetime together gone. Divorced. Now what?

Can't wait to meet/disappoint you.

Ooops, what was his name again?

Too much, too soon, too bad.

Worked hard, put off finding love.

Guys unavailable, workaholic, spoiled, no manners

Thought it was different. Oh well.

I make decisions for us now.

Year and a half. Almost there.

She's my everything. So is he.

We both loved you too much.

I'm missing you, you're missing life.

I love fighting with alpha males.

Excellent tooth-to-ball-cap ratio!

E-Harmony told us both: "No matches".

his mom died. we did too.

we clicked thirty years still hot

art dance reading romance my love

walk Beside me,hold my hand.

Not my fault. I was drunk.

You give love a good name.

Marriage - It's harder than it looks.

Slighly used heart, mint condition: Sold.

Love is here now. To stay.

Trying my best to walk away.

Head v. Heart, caught in crossfire.

Love is stupid and blind

Difficult convincing friends I'm happy single.

Wanderlust found me; I found him.

Ten years of happily married bliss.

Fun and travel makes marriage great.

Kissed many frogs. No prince yet.

Love is surrender into voluntary sacrifice.

Two years, more men, not him.

Third marriage; finally my soul mate

Girl friend took my husband. Yeah!

Married six month, now divorced. Oops!

First date, fortune cookie, happy ending!

We meet secretly, what a mess!

Boob job still no taker! Sob!

Prostitute credos: Love now pay later.

Love is not lottery! Trust me.

Pregnant, father unknown . . . Birth eagerly await!

six words? not enough, no wait!

Love of my life-forever gone

life's fast, date night, no gas

Muse o'mine, Fifty-nine, Your devine.

high school! love recess.

Words soothe. Actions confuse. Truth hurts.

Connection! Power! Ecstasy! Longing. . . . Distance . . . Nevermore.

Wanted: Emotionally Unavailable Man. Drama Provided.

Spied on Metro, Now dream fodder.

Not many would have done this.

Is the ideal intimidating for you?

If only friendship could be enough.

so close, and yet, so far.

Narcissist plus histrionic equals therapy time.

Loved you. Left you. Found me.

Gay or straight. It's the same.

Gay with partner. State non-recognition. Sucks.

Should have ended before it started.

Wishing life were a Bollywood film.

"Crutches of denial Make life bearable."

Punctuated sentences of silence betrayed us.

He brought doughnuts. I was sold.

Seven dollar wedding. Twenty-four priceless anniversaries.

Promise? We did. Until we die.

Will you? We did. Until Death.

One Ceremony. Twenty-five Anniversaries. True Love.

Chronically disappointed in nobody but myself.

It's love--farewell,

More than willing-can't help myself.

Time reveals tried, tested true love.

Six years, two kids, still smiling.

Loving, but not being loved : agony.

I love him. He loves her.

Love blinds you to everything.

How could I be so wrong?

First, we're friends. And now lovers.

Going to marry my first love.

Blue and black. Never going back.

The key for me: gender neutrality.

Adored then; met again; married - sublime

40 years married.40 more please!

The best place in the world.

never stop working towards SAME GOALS!

Not Mr. Right, Mr. Right now.

Lost twice, no baggage, awaiting charmer.

Wedding planned, but I'd rather elope.

Love's labor not lost, found again.

Maybe in another life ...

Eyes that met and stayed connected.

first "I love you" during break-up

Met online. Email daily. Visit occasionally.

Ex called to say he's engaged.

Heartbroken twice, do I risk thrice?

Third husband, best yet, lasting love.

For me, it's always, "bad timing."

Past unremarkable. Future uncertain. Present unbelievable.

Long marriage. Great shoes. Both fit!

In love, medical school. Must honor.

Being Bored With You Is Fun

Dozen red, Dozen white: All returned.

Love lost. Love found. Bored again.

Cupids careless shooting slowly kills

Crashed a party. Fell in love.

Living with him, loving another.

Commercially driven love, high expectations, disappointment.

She likes LOST and Battlestar Galactica!

After infatuation comes tedium. Comes love.

man up, call me, screw texting.

You can leave your toothbrush here.

Yes, you are better than crabcakes.

Suddenly, I daydream, wonder, wish: you.

Yes, exponentially, I am that lucky.

Love, holding hands, our fingerprints mesh.

Together, especially when you, you, you!

Sun, earth, moon, water, wind; you.

I do, I said, you did.

She farts, evidently, I love her.

You left behind clothes, magazines, me.

Hello? Hello? It's me. I'm sorry.

I only have six words to...

Never told her was still married.

First Love, Last Love: Best Love

finding decent date in dc? hahahaha

No Tools Required: Heartbreak finally repaired.

Just ANOTHER day. Bitter... Not Really! ...drink.

Black Lesbian + DC = Loneliness

I was trying to be something.

I'm warm. Sometimes I see you.

I'm okay, lonely, but I'm okay.

Happy Valentine's Day Book World. Whoops!

Passable husband, but precious, precious child.

Husband is in-laws' ATM. No peace.

Blind date. Not great. Long married

Emphasizes loneliness. Ruins next day birthday.

best friend. love him, not husband.

and I, without you, am not.

So who's this "Robert Langdon" guy?

You call this love? You're weird.

Me, earth, stars? Inadequate for him.

"He was a dem' fine fellow!"

Lives intertwined tho you're not mine.

Married another, but still love him.

Your cheating? My ticket to freedom.

Soul mate is typically not yourself.

we met, sparks, confusion, solitude, separation

You're cute, never sell yourself short.

Amar a Morir - lovely soundtrack. (YOUtube).

Big cat, bigger mouth, biggest heart.

Remember son, settle down, marry up.

Love never lasted . . . until I did

Old. Boring. Dissatisfied. Both of us.

Star bright, you are, just right.

A tryst, a trial, love unbridled.

Kathy's garden grows love ... her Gardner.

I hope she was worth it.

So long Together Can't Quit now

Pawned his wedding ring; bought drugs.

Two commitment-phobes,six years, avoiding togetherness.

Wanted marriage. What did I know?

Passion dies but love lives on.

More fun to share the bed

Good in bed; bad at relating.

Love, finally. Grateful. Even if unrequited.

Ten years. Long-distance. Finally together.

Deaf guy, deaf gal . . . booom! Love!

We kissed; I flew to Congo.

Loved. Lost. Drank. Cried. Still hope.

Broken heart; shattered spirit. Still hope.

Eloped fourth date, Seventeenth Valentine's Anniversary

found loves boaders in falling waters

Smart. Sassy. Single. Seeking Similar Senior.

We flirted, confided. You married, secretly.

Hot. Breathless. Dizzy. You cheated.

unexpected surprise, mutually spontaneous, effortlessly synapsed

I answered his compelling personal ad.

Thought I'd get over him. Haven't.

Haven't really clicked with anyone lately.

Romance is dead; marriage killed it.

Going fast in wrong direction.

Worried I'll love the dog more.

Married a cook; dieting now.

so broke; yet surrounded by love

I got sick; he got scared.

True love, mid-life. At last.

Maybe tomorrow I'll finally say hello.

So relieved he's 2500 miles away.

More fun with than without you.

He said he'd call. Still waiting.

Dead wife. Broken engagement. Renewed hope.

Six words? Only need one: mmmph!!

Me or the cat? Me out.

Age 23. Never dated. Soon, please?

Mom has cancer. Love can wait.

It seems nobody wants an anorexic.

My psychiatrist's in love with me

He loves me not. Peace out!!!

Wanted: Eight pair baby shoes; Earplugs.

Middle age approaches, but hope springs eternal.

Never dated, kissed. Date Lab, help!

Widowed young. Ghastly remarriage. Marking time.

He died so I can live!

Greek girl. My swollen Anglo heart!

Tread softly, a dream lies here.

Descartes, about his crush: "Whenever I see her, I..." (poof)

Miss hon, my love. Stupid cancer.

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