"I was stupid," Alex Rodriguez says. (Espn Via Associated Press)
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baseball's A. Rodriguez Admits to Drug Use

· Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez has admitted that he used to take banned drugs designed to help him play better.

Rodriguez, a New York Yankee, said Monday that he took substances that Major League Baseball does not allow from 2001 to 2003 while he played for the Texas Rangers.

"I was young. I was stupid," he said.

He had previously denied using the drugs, which help athletes build muscle so they can do things such as run faster and hit the ball harder. Rodriguez was one of 104 baseball players who tested positive for steroids in 2003. The names of the other players have not been released.

President Barack Obama said Monday that he hoped kids would get the message that cheating is never worth it.

Australian Fires Rage

· Fires in Australia that have killed more than 180 people may have been set on purpose.

Police launched the nation's biggest arson investigation after fires over the weekend devastated more than 20 towns.

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