Fairness and a Free Press

By Sandra Cutts, Deborah Dickens, Ric Weibl, Mary Jane Alexander and  Lawrence Ink
Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bill Press's Feb. 8 Close to Home article regarding the end of OBAMA 1260 and his call for reviving the Fairness Doctrine drew a lot of responses, both in the form of letters and comments on washingtonpost.com.

A sampling:

So, the fact that the "mainstream" media are unquestionably, overwhelmingly and unapologetically liberal, with a bias in favor of the Democrats that is more pronounced each year, is evidently not sufficient for Bill Press? No, he would much prefer to silence all conservative viewpoints via the so-called Fairness Doctrine and achieve total media domination.

As one of the greatly outnumbered conservatives in the Washington area, I would argue that conservative radio programs have become so hugely popular because there is a desperate, crying need for media outlets that cater to conservative causes, interests, ideology and viewpoints.

Moreover, it's worth noting that the only institution in America that has constitutional protections is the media -- and that protection was given for the sole purpose of keeping tabs on government. When one ideology dominates just about everything we see on TV, print or in the movies -- as the liberals have for years, reaching epic levels in the last election -- it should be a huge concern for every freedom-loving American, regardless of his political affiliations. It's not enough to simply have a "free" press -- you have to have a fair press, and we are a very long way from that in this country. Until we have that, we need to do everything in our power to protect conservative media outlets.

-- Sandra Cutts



I will miss the progressive talk radio venue on WWRC 1260 AM. Bill Press made me realize that I will be starved again for radio with a liberal point of view. The public airwaves in Washington do not reflect the diversity of the region. The District, Maryland and Virginia all went for Obama. The audience is here!

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