Saturday, February 14, 2009

The bulk of the stimulus money going to the Defense Department is in construction funds. About $4.5 billion is for renovation and modernization of posts, camps and stations, with $1.7 billion tied to energy efficiency.

An additional $3.75 billion is for construction and renovation of military hospitals and medical facilities. The funding also will pay for providing up-to-date medical care for service members and their families.

Constructing and modernizing troop housing, along with expanding child care and development centers, get a total of $1.6 billion. The Defense Department also gets $350 million for research and pilot projects to improve energy generation and transmission.

The package includes $4 billion for Justice Department grants to state and local law enforcement. Nearly $3 billion will go to Homeland Security Department programs, including $1 billion for airport baggage-screening equipment; $420 million to build border checkpoints; $210 million for fire stations; $300 million for port, transit and rail security; $240 million for the Coast Guard; and $200 million for a new department headquarters.

-- Walter Pincus and Spencer S. Hsu

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