Saturday, February 14, 2009

About $100 billion will flow into schools, universities and early-childhood programs as part of the stimulus, helping to stave off teacher layoffs, plug gaps in budgets hit hard in the economic crisis and renovate aging schools.

The massive infusion of federal aid will also push Obama's education agenda by creating new preschool slots for children in poverty, increasing federal aid for needy college students and adding grant money for public school reform.

Over two years, the stimulus will funnel $53.6 billion to states to prevent cutbacks and layoffs and modernize schools. The bulk of that funding will go to K-12 schools and universities. An additional $25 billion will be dedicated for public school students who are disabled or in poverty, groups the federal government has long pitched in to educate.

The package includes $17 billion to increase the maximum Pell grant for needy college students by $500, to $5,350.

About $4 billion will be used to expand federal preschool classes and child-care programs.

-- Maria Glod

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