Diabetes Doesn't Have to Slow You Down

(Team Type 1)
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Remembering to inject insulin, watching diet and exercise, and monitoring blood sugar levels multiple times a day: Those are the concerns for anyone living with Type 1 diabetes. But a cycling team founded five years ago and currently boasting more than 50 hard-core members is hitting the road to counter the notion that the disease prevents diabetics from reaching their goals.

Team Type 1 co-founder Joe Eldridge, who received his diagnosis at age 10, was surprised to see another cyclist, Phil Southerland, testing his blood glucose at a championship race. The two then noticed others with diabetes who never told anyone because of the associated stigma, Eldridge says.

Eldridge now realizes having diabetes can have its pluses. "I know my body so well, what food is doing to it, what insulin is doing," Eldridge says. "Twenty-four hours a day, 365, you never get a break from it."

Team Type 1 is competing this month in the Amgen Tour of California.

-- Kathleen Hom

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