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Democratic Cash Hound Susman May Be Headed for High Tea

O'Connor, who lives in San Francisco, said he was "frantically packing" for the trip east. Asked whether Burris would resign, O'Connor replied, "We haven't discussed that at all. He returns to Washington, getting to work again on Monday."

O'Connor knows something about tough assignments. He was Blair Hull's spokesman. Aficionados will recall that Hull spent $29 million in the 2004 Illinois Senate primary only to lose to a little-known state senator named Barack Obama after a Hull divorce file revealed allegations of domestic violence.

Immigration Picks

Immigrant advocates say the White House and the Department of Homeland Security have nearly finalized their choices to lead two major immigration agencies. For DHS assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, all signs point to John T. Morton, a career Justice Department official who has overseen complex immigration and terrorism cases -- most recently as chief of the Domestic Security Section.

For Citizenship and Immigration Services, sources tell our colleague Spencer Hsu that Maryland Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez appears to be the pick. Perez, a key player in Obama's transition, was a top official in the Justice Department under President Bill Clinton.

Rounding Out State

It looks as though Yale Law School dean and international law professor Harold Koh, a former assistant secretary of state, is headed back to Foggy Bottom to be the department's top lawyer. (Keeping one eye on that agreement former president Clinton signed?) And Esther Brimmer, formerly in State's office of policy planning and now at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, looks good for assistant secretary for international organizations. She and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice are longtime pals.

With Philip Rucker

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