Yumi's Favorite iPod Applications

Aurora Dizon
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009; 12:19 AM

Yes, I said iPod, not iPhone -- why? Because Yumi doesn't have an iPhone. You can get most everything out of an iPod that you can out of an iPhone without the monthly contracts. OK, so it's not a phone and you need a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to connect. Beyond phone and the photo and microphone recording qualities that come with it, they are basically the same system. The new iPod touch even has built-in speakers, so if you're watching a YouTube video you don't need to take your headphones with you. An iPhone is just an iPod on steroids. As long as you have the upgrade to use Apple's applications, you can do a lot with your iPod. You don't even have to use Apple's iTunes, but it helps if you want to fill it up with applications.

Yumi's favorite things to do on the iPod:

: Of course -- because, you know, it is a music player. You can rip your own CDs and add your own MP3s to your iPod's collection.

: You can watch movies and TV shows from iTunes stored on your iPod, along with access to YouTube via Wi-Fi.

With all the wealth of information from iTunes University, you can fill your head with lots of knowledge on educational subjects or just catch up on some news from your favorite source -- there's plenty to choose from. Another really cool thing is that some people podcast in video form. So you can watch it on your iPod.

Yumi's Favorite ipod Apps!

All right, so we can listen to music, watch movies, view YouTube, and photos, check e-mail, schedule a calendar, consult Google maps for directions, check the weather, track stocks, or even use a scientific calculator -- but the real beauty of the iPod Touch is its ability to add on applications from the iTunes store. So here is a list of Yumi's favorite iPod applications. All the applications listed here are free.

Not everyone uses social networking, but for those who do, having it at the palm of your hand is convenient. The on-screen keyboard may look daunting, but it's really easy to use and comes with an auto-spell-checker that you can disable if you're writing in a language other than English. If you are writing in another language, you can always change the international settings and get any language you want.

and have their own applications so you can check or send your mail, get your friend feeds and statuses, or comment on their pages. All the basics you need are available to you on the iPod touch.

So the popular microblogging site twitter doesn't have an official application, but that won't stop you from Tweeting from your iPod. As with instant messaging, there are applications that will blend them all together in one application, but I prefer to use Twitterfon.

Instant message from your iPod. As with other social networking-type applications, there are some you can use to access all your accounts at once. Facebook's application also integrates its messenger.

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