Calling Out Co-Workers Who Don't Call In Sick

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adapted from Lily Garcia's twice-monthly online discussions.

Richmond: I am home sick today because a couple of people in my office insist upon coming in to work when they are sick. This is the second time this has happened.

This is an important issue to bring up with your boss. It is possible that your co-workers are coming to work sick not because they are inconsiderate, but because they are out of sick days, or because they feel pressure to complete assignments. It is up to the management team to address the problem.

Bethesda: I'm a contractor with the federal government. I get no sick days. Unless I really just physically can't make it out the door (only two days last year), I come in to work. I do spray my desk down with Lysol daily and wipe off my phone receiver.

Thank you for sharing your perspective.

A work tip: The best ways to avoid getting sick from co-workers are to wash your own hands frequently, and at all times avoid touching your own nose and mouth with your hands. The places you are likely to get germs are things that both you and your colleagues touch. If you really care, wipe down these kinds of things each day yourself.

Thanks for the tip.

Re: Coming in sick: One great idea that I have suggested and that was shot down by bosses is to work from home when sick. However, the powers-that-be think that will cause abuse of the system.

It seems like your best option will be to take lots of vitamin C, wipe down your work area with Lysol and wash your hands frequently.

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