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A 'Mileage Tax' Tanks

I was glad that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's suggestion of a tax on vehicle miles driven was promptly shot down -- and surprised that The Post endorsed the idea.

Suppose that my car gets 30 miles per gallon, while my neighbor's old clunker gets 15, and we both drive 12,000 miles in a year. I would have used 400 gallons of gasoline, while he consumed 800 gallons. But by Mr. LaHood's formula, we would both pay the same tax. If for some reason it's desirable to discourage people from traveling, the idea makes sense. But shouldn't the aim be to burn less fuel?


Glenn Dale

Perhaps there should be a tax on every editorial you write. Then you would feel the pain of being charged just for doing your job. I drive to visit my clients regularly, to generate income. The last thing I need is to be penalized for getting out there to support my family.

Your focus is misguided. The auto manufacturers' lack of ingenuity should be the target, not me.


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