Redskins' Vinny Cerrato Says He's Disappointed in Recently Released Jason Taylor

By Jason Reid
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vinny Cerrato, Washington's executive vice president of football operations, was surprised and "disappointed, totally disappointed" that former Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Taylor declined to participate in the offseason workout program at Redskins Park, prompting the team to release him on Monday.

The Redskins cut the high-priced Taylor after he balked at owner Daniel Snyder's request to have a workout clause added to his contract, which would have resulted in a $500,000 bonus if the three-time all-pro took part in 75 percent of the conditioning program scheduled to begin March 16.

But Taylor did not want to be away from his family again after spending the season by himself in Ashburn, and he was also fed up with the Redskins, league sources said. Taylor switched positions, twice underwent surgical procedures and did not mesh well with defensive coordinator Greg Blache, team and league sources said.

"Dan and I flew down [to Miami], had dinner with [Taylor] a couple of weeks ago, [and] told him we wanted him to work out up here 75 percent of the time," Cerrato said yesterday at Redskins Park. "And it's not a lot.

"It's 39 workouts to make 75 percent, and 14 of them are mandatory. . . . So it was 25 workouts in 13 weeks."

That was unacceptable to Taylor, in large part, because the Redskins and Taylor's agent, Gary Wichard, had agreed both sides would honor the final two years of the deal, without restructuring, before Taylor was traded from Miami to Washington on the first day of training camp last July, sources said.

Last offseason, Bill Parcells, Miami's executive vice president of football operations, was displeased Taylor decided to spend much of the previous offseason participating on "Dancing With the Stars" in Los Angeles instead of being with the team. Cerrato cited Taylor's participation on the TV show among the reasons Snyder wanted Taylor in Ashburn for the workout program.

"We felt like to get the best out of him, because he didn't work out all last year, because he was doing dancing" they needed him to be at the complex, Cerrato said. "And that's what Bill had the problem with, because he wasn't in [Miami's] offseason program."

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