Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D.C. Cookie Lovers Cry: Give Us Samoa!

-- The most popular Girl Scout cookie so far this year in the greater Washington region appears to be the Samoa coconut-caramel cookie.

That is the news from an unofficial poll that the local Girl Scouts have conducted on their Web site during the 2009 cookie season. Samoas won 35 percent of the votes. Thin Mints were next, with 29 percent.

Nationally, Thin Mints are the most popular, according to the Web site.

About 3.7 million boxes of cookies were delivered to the Washington area this year. If you didn't get any, you can still find boxes at a local Girl Scout cookie booth this month.

To find one, ask your parents to go online to and put in your Zip code.

You can also still vote for your favorite cookie at

By the way, Girl Scout cookies are so popular that people will find any way to get them.

In Washington state, police captured three people who had bought Girl Scout cookies with fake $20 bills!

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