Defendant Stabs Judge, Is Killed

Associated Press
Thursday, March 5, 2009

FRESNO, Calif., March 4 -- A man accused of killing his girlfriend was shot to death in a Stockton courtroom Wednesday after he attacked the judge presiding over his murder trial, officials said.

David Paradiso, 28, was shot by a police detective after the defendant left the witness stand and began stabbing San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Cinda Fox during a break in proceedings, said Dave Konecny, a spokesman for the sheriff's department.

Paradiso had been testifying about 2 p.m. when his mother, in the audience, left the courtroom upset. Fox called a recess, and as jurors filed out, Paradiso left the stand and approached the judge.

Fox, who had a bandage on her arm as she left on a stretcher, told reporters, "I'm okay."

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