- White House: Switch From YouTube To Akamai Was About Options, Not Privacy Concerns

Tameka Kee
Thursday, March 5, 2009; 2:07 AM

The Obama Administration has denied that it stopped using YouTube for the President's weekly video chats because of privacy complaints; White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said the switch to Akamai was "more about better understanding our internal capabilities than it is a position on third-party solutions or a policy," per the NYT.

But Harvard researcher Chris Soghoian told the NYT that the "evidence speaks for itself. The fact that they are paying for a video solution speaks to privacy issues." Soghoian authored the original CNET article that we linked to, it has since been updated; CNET also issued another post as a correction.

The White House has been working with YouTube to address some of the privacy concerns; it switched from using a video player that automatically served cookies to visitors, to one that only serves cookies if they click on the video itself.


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