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D.C.'s Next Scenes: 'House Rules,' 'Washington Field,' and More

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Because Washington is small-screen smokin' these days, broadcast networks want more. The crop of new-series hopefuls for next season includes:

"House Rules." Drama pilot for CBS about freshman class of elected representatives in Washington from Mark Gordon, exec producer of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Criminal Minds." Tawny Cypress -- best known as the art dealer chick who was accidentally shot and killed by her heroin-addicted boyfriend (hate when that happens) on "Heroes" -- plays an ex-soldier who served in Iraq.

"Washington Field." Crime drama for CBS about FBI unit comprising experts in different fields who travel the globe responding to events that concern U.S. national interests. "Meet the Parents" bride Teri Polo is a brainiac expert in medical forensics and weapons of mass destruction, while Gina Torres gets to play the rapid-deployment coordinator-cum-tactical pilot.

"Inside the Box." Relationship drama for ABC starring Indira Varma, a.k.a. Niobe in "Rome," as an ambitious reporter working for a TV network's Washington bureau. Kim Raver, "Lipstick Jungle's" hot fashion-mag editor, will be the bureau's token knockout blonde if NBC ever officially cancels "LJ." And "Viva Laughlin's" brooding star Lloyd Owen is the yummy new bureau chief.

"See Cate Run." Relationship drama follows hot young prosecuting attorney chick with busy love life who will one day be a candidate for president of the United States -- at which point all her dating highs and lows will come back to haunt her. This one's not set in D.C., but ABC says it may have Washington fast-forwards. Amy Smart -- drama-queen guest star on "Scrubs" -- has the lead.

"The Body Politic." Political drama (yeah, right) for CW, about a chick who moves to Washington to work for a senator, and the other D.C. newbies who become her pals.

-- Lisa de Moraes

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