The Police Response to Alexis ‘Lexie' Agyepong-Glover's Plight

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another child appears to have died because she was not protected by those who are there to serve and protect ["Girl's Cries for Help 'Fell on Deaf Ears,' " front page, March 9].

Should the mother of 13-year-old Alexis "Lexie" Agyepong-Glover be found guilty of the monstrous acts she's been accused of, we will assume, or perhaps hope, that she is deranged. Just as amazing to me, however, was the claim by a Prince William County police official that no blame should be placed at his department's feet.

How could this officer possibly say, "As far as I know, I think we've done everything properly we could have done"? What does that mean? Despite clear signs of abuse, a child kept being returned to her home and was asked, in front of the person likely to be the abuser, whether she had been abused? Did officials expect this 13-year-old to say, "Yes, she is in the process of killing me and will continue doing so as soon as you leave"? Did they suppose the mother might say, "Yes, I put her in the trunk; it's a little problem I have, and I'm working on it"?

And why were they even checking with the mother if they had witnesses who said they saw her put the child in the trunk?

It is infuriating. Another child is dead, and the initial reaction by authorities was to not acknowledge that action on the part of our public servants could have made a difference.



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