Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Secret Message Found In Lincoln Pocket Watch

-- For nearly 150 years, a story has been told about a hidden Civil War message engraved inside one of Abraham Lincoln's pocket watches. Now we know it's true.

Yesterday a watchmaker at the National Museum of American History opened the pocket watch and revealed the message.

The message said: Jonathan Dillon, April 13, 1861. Fort Sumter was attacked by the rebels on the above date. Thank God we have a government.

Dillon was a watchmaker repairing Lincoln's timepiece. For more about Lincoln's watch, read the story on Page C1.

What Do Sasha, Malia Think of This Idea?

-- President Obama wants kids to spend more time in school.

"I know longer school days and school years are not wildly popular ideas," he said yesterday.

But he said kids need more time in class to learn more.

It isn't up to Obama, though. School districts and states decide how much time you are in school.

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