Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Talent on a Card

If you're between gigs, you still need something to hand out at all those networking events you're attending. And that something is a business card. Sure, you could distribute résumés, but that's like passing out fliers at a fancy restaurant.

Create a card that promotes your talents. What title should you list? You could use an umbrella title -- "sales professional in transition" or "experienced database developer seeking new assignment." Or you could skip the title.

Add credibility with a mini-résumé, perhaps on the back, or a list of "some big-name clients," suggests Becky McCray, an Oklahoma liquor store owner, writing on the blog Small Biz Survival. Or "put together a very short, very meaningful list of benefits." Pare it down.

Test the card on friends to see whether it presents you in a positive, professional way.

"Think of your business card as a tiny direct marketing piece," writes Harry Joiner on his blog at Duct Tape Marketing. Joiner, a recruiter, suggests focusing on what you want the card to achieve. If you're job hunting, that could be interviews. "As a job seeker, you . . . are the product that you are marketing."

-- Vickie Elmer

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