Date Lab: He likes a healthy sex drive. She likes tattoos.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Morgan: I'd never been on a blind date before, but I was excited. I took a bus to the restaurant and was about five minutes late. Molly was sitting at a table with her back to me.

Molly: He's definitely not my type. He has all-American, traditional good looks. I like guys that have something really in-your-face interesting about them. But I asked [Date Lab] not to send me my type, and he's a nice-looking guy.

Morgan: She was very attractive. Nice long, brown hair, good complexion. There was eye contact right away, which is good. At that point, I knew it could lead somewhere. The server brought us an appetizer, then we ordered a bottle of wine and some samosas.

Molly: We talked about where we grew up. I'm from Mississippi. In the past, when I've met people from New York or California -- where he spent a lot of his life -- I either get a negative, condescending reaction or they're totally fascinated. But he was not condescending at all.

Morgan: New Yorkers have a stereotype of Mississippi: backwoods, a lot of rednecks, conservative. She certainly does not conform to the stereotype, not to say that stereotype even holds true. She's a journalist and writes about environmental policy issues, so we had that in common. That was my internship last semester.

Molly: Music is a big deal to me. He'd just been to see David Byrne, which was a concert that I thought of going to. Also, we've both traveled extensively. He's an intelligent guy, but he doesn't take himself too seriously. He has a pretty good sense of humor. At one point, we were reenacting our favorite skits from "Mr. Show." It was really fun. And we were hamming it up a little bit with the photos. We were pretending to be angry or bored with each other.

Morgan: When we put our arms around each other for the photos, I was feeling a little chemistry. And she seemed interested. She didn't seem like she wanted to get out of there.

Molly: He put his arm around my waist, which I did notice, but which was not inappropriate. I'm not particularly flirty. When I try, I'm kind of awkward. And I have a lot of guy friends, so it's easy for me to fall into, I'm just chatting with a guy that I'm getting to know. It may be a defense mechanism. But I was enjoying myself. I suggested a sparkling wine to accompany dessert. Champagne is usually a celebratory drink, and we were in a good mood.

Morgan: It was probably 10:45. She said she had to get up real early because she had deadlines. We were going in opposite directions on the bus, so we walked to the corner. I told her I'd call her. We hugged and then we had a little peck.

Molly: I was a little surprised when he moved in for a kiss. I don't expect that for a blind date. But he wasn't pushy about it. It was sweet. Then I literally ran because my bus was going by. I hope he doesn't take that the wrong way. I'd give the date a 4 [out of 5]. It was a lovely evening. I'd definitely go out with him again.

Morgan: I noticed the kiss was a tad awkward, but it seemed like she was having a fun time the whole night, so it seemed logical [to kiss]. I would rate the date a 4. She was interesting and interested.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

UPDATE: Two weeks later, Morgan invited Molly to a comedy club. She went, but a third date is unlikely. Romantically and physically, Morgan reports, "there was nothing doing." Molly agrees.

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