By Hints From Heloise
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear Readers:

Don't throw out socks without mates:

-- Cut a tube off and use as a wristband while painting.

-- Use to clean baseboards and blinds.

-- Wear one when removing ice from your vehicle.

-- Use as a wash mitt for an auto.

-- Put several inside each other, then tie the end for a soft pet toy.

Dear Heloise:

How do I get oil out of a concrete garage floor?

Tom, via e-mail

Oil spots need to be taken care of ASAP. Sprinkle cheap clay-type cat litter or sand over the stain, crush a little or press down, then let it sit overnight. Sweep it up and dispose of it, and repeat if necessary. If the stain still remains, you can try liquid or powdered laundry detergent, scrubbed in with a sturdy brush. Still left with a stain? Look for a commercial cleaner either at an automotive or home-improvement store.

Dear Heloise:

Can you please tell me how to get the fold wrinkles out of a vinyl tablecloth? Please help.

Gale Hogan, Texas

Put the tablecloth into the dryer on low heat for a few minutes, along with a couple of damp towels. Remove the tablecloth while it is still warm and smooth out the wrinkles. If you still have wrinkles, put the tablecloth back in the dryer for a few more minutes, being careful that it doesn't get too hot.

Dear Heloise:

A feral cat adopted us. He enjoys canned fish, but so do ants and flies. We put an office fan on low speed next to the dish to prevent flies from landing on the food. Then we filled a shallow dish with water, placed the dish of food in the water, and the ants couldn't get to the food. Make sure the food dish isn't in contact with the edge of the water dish.

Madge and Mel Hazen, Jacksonville, Fla.

Cat fanciers, read on:

Dear Heloise:

I have found that gift baskets are great for cats. A towel or baby blanket can be placed in the bottom to make a cat bed.

I donate the baskets I no longer want to stray-cat adoption agencies found in several local large pet stores. The cats seem to enjoy the cozy place to lie while waiting for new homes. I am sure other rescues would find them useful, too.

Elizabeth, via e-mail

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