Penny-wise Planting

(Jon Krause - For The Washington Post)
By Adrian Higgins
Thursday, March 19, 2009

So the values of the home and the mortgage are converging, the home-equity genie is back in the bottle and the yard needs a complete makeover. What's a recession-sick homeowner with spring fever to do?

When a garden gets overgrown and raggedy, it's more than just a case of plants looking sick. The bigger problem is the loss of structure, of the "bones" that make a garden pleasing to the eye.

In our spring gardening issue, we offer advice for sprucing up the yard on a budget while lowering its long-term maintenance demands. The fix involves you: The more energy you can put into it, the more cost-effective and rewarding will be the results. It may become so absorbing that you forget all about the recession blues.

Adrian Higgins

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