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Sunday, March 29, 2009

In September 2000, I was starting a new year of college. I was excited to meet my assigned roommate. At first, it seemed like it'd be easy enough for the two of us to live together.

That changed pretty quickly. It started with the parties she threw when I wasn't there. I would return to my dorm to find my computer splashed with vodka -- and no longer working -- or a cigarette burn on my comforter. That sort of thing happened a few times.

Then, one afternoon, I keyed into our room to find her and a young man who she'd sworn was "just a friend" (she already had a boyfriend) ina compromising position. Clearly, that was not something I had any desire to see. She later apologized and said it wouldn't happen again. Things improved for a few weeks. But then, on a Saturday afternoon after a football game, I again walked in on my roommate and got a very clear and unwanted view of her boyfriend.

I slammed the door shut and, without thinking, yelled, "This is ridiculous! This is the second time this has happened!"

"What? Second time?" I heard the young man inside the room respond.

Not only did I think she had to go, but so did the boyfriend.

Kristen Caminiti, Crofton

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